Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Farm Happenings: April 2018

Hey y'all. It's time for another update on the farm!

April has been pretty much covered in rain, snow, and cooler temperatures than usual. Not a typical spring for around here. So not a lot has been going on. Just in the last week or so things have ramped up.

We haven't had any calves this month---yet. I know our Bessie girl is getting close. I think there are 3 or 4 more, cannot keep track exactly.

This past weekend, I helped Trey get several tasks done. We started Friday afternoon after work. I had to count how much grass seed went into each of the drill's spots.

Then he worked on making sure it was secure. He ended up not even using this tractor. :)

I got to drive the Honda over to help. I think that was the second time I've driven it since we got it last November. His excuse is that he likes to drive. :)

Then we set up the chute to vaccinate our calves. The chute gate walls are super heavy! But we got that done, and called it a day.

Saturday morning Trey got up bright and early, and I joined him around 7:30 (sleeping in these days for me). He already had the calves vaccinated.

Then we moved them over to other side of the corral.

The pasture is ready, and since it's not supposed to be raining like cats and dogs finally, we were going to move them out there.

We built a temporary fence for the heifers, and let the steers roam in the big pasture for now.

Trey had penned up the other calves on the other side to start weaning them. We had to move them over to where the chute was set up, so we could vaccinate sometime this week.

That was a fun task. It's like they can see the opening, but they don't want to go through it at all. We had one that would not cooperate, so we finally opened a hole in the lean-to of the barn to make it easier to make him go over. There were 10 total we needed to move over, but we only counted seven. Three had escaped to run back to their mamas. We decided to keep the seven over and try to catch the other three that night or in the morning.

I will spare you the blood-curling cries from mamas and babies. They were very loud!

Trey then took off to reseed some alfalfa pastures in need of some help. I took him lunch. While he did that, I went and visited with my nieces and nephews. They had a sleepover the night before, and we took advantage of the warm sunshine and played outside.

Trey and I went out for ice cream and called it a day around 8. We were super busy that day and exhausted from all the work we did.

Sunday morning I got a phone call to come help with move the calves over. Yes, I was still in bed while he was outside. We finally got all the calves moved over.

It's a lot of work, but the results are so rewarding.

It's about time for it to become even more busier, and the time we have together barely exists. You just gotta roll with it and laugh along the way.

Stay tuned to see if I have any more updates on the farm or any new calves we may have!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

DIY Project: Make Your Own Foam Soap

If you are like me, you have had used foam soap before. It has become popular over the last few years. I love it. I don't think you use as much versus liquid soap, so it is probably more mom friendly.

I used to get sucked into Bath & Body Works' sales on soap. Yes, they have amazing smelling soap. But I don't think it is worth the price you pay for it. I wanted a frugal fix for foam soap. I didn't want to return to using liquid soap.

So of course I turned to Pinterest. I found a simple recipe to make your own foaming hand soap reusing your old foam soap dispensers.

You have to buy liquid soap. I bought this I can't even remember when. It's been that long ago.

Anyway, you put about an inch thick of soap into your dispenser.

Then you add hot water and fill to the top.

Then shake so the water and soap mix together.

Now overtime the soap will break apart from the water, but all you have to do is shake it again.

Pretty easy to make, and your liquid soap lasts forever!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Is it worth it?

If you have been a reader of this blog for a while, or maybe a nanosecond, you might know that I have nieces and nephews. And yes, they are that cute.

But I've been thinking lately, is it safe that I share their names, identities, or even their pictures with the world? I mean did they give me the consent to? No.

In the world we live in today, it is so easy to track down anything, especially children. By sharing their picture, name, where we're located, predators can figure out who they are. Aren't we supposed to be protecting them?

It has gotten me to think about the future. Would I like to have kids someday? Of course. Would I want someone else putting their picture on the Internet without my or their consent? No way. I would not want their info swimming out in the world wide web.

So I have gone back through my old posts and deleted any labels of their names and even their names off of the my blog. I will stop sharing their pictures, unless I get a back shot. I have decided that I will have to stop my posts on Instagram as well. My profile is private, but at any moment it could get hacked.

It's not an easy decision to make, because there are so many that gladly share their children on social media. I'm not saying it is wrong that they do; that is their choice to make. And they are free to do so. It is just with all of the horrible things that happen in this world day in and day out to kids makes me not want to endanger these kiddos that I love so much.

So I am sorry to inform y'all, that when that time comes, I will not be sharing any photos of our kids. Sorry, you are stuck with my ugly mug. :)

Please understand that I am not trying to bash anyone who posts pictures of their kids. I've been there as an aunt, and I've just had a change of heart. Trust me, I love seeing those pictures, and wish we all lived close enough to visit outside the walls of the Internet.

Friday, April 6, 2018

You and Me Forever: Book Review

Yep, I finished another book. Faster than I read Fervent. I am on a roll. Whoop whoop!

Well it wasn't hard to do, because I couldn't put this book down when I was reading it. I think it took me a week, but I didn't read every day. I read in big hour chunks when I did read it.

Image result for you and me forever

Anyway, the latest book to be marked read in Kel's library is "You and Me Forever" by Francis and Lisa Chan. When my sister-in-law lent this to me to read, because they read it in their small group, I was excited to read it. I was going in thinking it dealt heavily on marriage and had tips to make marriage more happy, successful.

After I read the first chapter I was scratching my head. It didn't talk about marriage at all. I was thinking, "wasn't this a book about marriage?" Then they dove in and revealed what would make your marriage great.

In order for you to have that happy, lovey, great marriage, you have to have a better relationship with Christ. Bam. This is when the light bulb came on, and I dove right in reading.

It totally makes sense right? God is the foundation of marriage. He is what is going to make you happy. It sometimes is hard to fathom that because you are married to your spouse. But, yet we have been called to be the bride of Christ. He is our groom. He is waiting for us to love and return that love to Him. Oftentimes I forget that. Our love for God has to be so much more than our love for our spouse or kids, if you have them.

Lisa divulges into that topic that is so not talked about today: women submitting to their husbands. Yep, I said it. She makes excellent points though. I won't go into full detail, only because I don't want to spoil it. I will share the points she made about submission:

1. When we submit, we are respectfully submitting to a God-given position, and not perfection.

2. Only our submission to God should be absolute.

3. We are designed to help our husbands, and to accomplish so much more together!

4. There is no safer place to be than in the will of God.

5. The biblical concept of submission does not put your husband in place of God.
Isn't that comforting?

I loved their chapter about children. Of course I am not a mother, but I was taking so many mental notes for the future.

I am telling you, y'all need to pick up this book. I am going to get a copy for myself, and let Trey read it as well. It is a good read for both men and women.

If you are thinking about picking this book up, I encourage you to go to the website. All of the proceeds go towards ministries around the world. So the Chans aren't making a dime off of this. Pretty cool of them. There is also a workbook if you would like to do the study at home or in church.

So far, this is book #3 for me this year. I have set a goal of reading 10 this year. I am inching closer.

Have a blessed day,