Wednesday, January 10, 2018

How We: New Year's Goals and Resolutions

What a fun new link-up by Erika & Shay this year. I look forward to doing the ones that apply to me. Can't really talk about the kids part, but I suppose I can spin it towards being a wife.

Also, there is a new Welcome Wednesday link-up as well! Fun all around!

Resolutions is not a good word for me. I just don't like it that well. Now goals, I like. Do I meet my goals? Not always. It is better for me to write them down to see what I need to be doing.

I already decided on my Word of the Year.

Here are my goals for this year:

1} Save as much money as we can. We are trying to save so we can buy land for our farm. We have decided that we are only spending $50 each week on groceries. Check out my first haul of the year. We are also using CASH ONLY. That means for groceries, gas, fun, meals out, etc. Of course we pay utilities and church offering with checks. But everything else we want to use cash. We have an allowance and when it's gone, it's gone. I do have set aside money for debit card in case we have an emergency.

2} Stick to my weekly cleaning schedule. This is always a hard one for me. I start out the week so great, and then halfway I get a little lazy. Or something comes up. My schedule is concentrating on one room a day, so I am not overwhelmed on the weekend trying to clean the whole house. I am following a schedule someone else made, but I am thinking of tweaking it. They have going to the store on Thursdays, while we go on Sundays.

3} Get rid of stuff we do not need. This goes hand in hand with cleaning. Our upstairs is full of items that he doesn't use, as well as things that have been stored by his family. We are planning to go through it this winter so that one day, we can use it. If I could focus on one area/room at a time, I think I could utilize and get rid of the items we don't use. I plan on selling the items that are still worth something.

4} Exercise more. I always plan on doing this every year. And I don't ever succeed. I try really hard though. We bought a new bicycle for me last year, and I barely used it. Getting up early is still a struggle with me. We have so much going on after work, that doing it before is the best time. I got new walking shoes for Christmas, so I am excited to use this year too!

5} Drink water. I stated to cut out pop the week after Christmas because I wanted to cut it off completely. I did have the headaches for the first few days (no migraines though yay!), but have been pretty good about my water drinking. I did have a Coke and whiskey on New Year's, but that is it. I have a bottle at work that is 1.5 liters and I fill that up every morning, and I drink a Sparkling Ice water at lunch. We buy PowerAde and I will drink that as well. I have milk in the mornings too.


6} Read my bible every day. I did this pretty well last year. I did have a few lapses where I wouldn't read. I have a new devotional that I read too. However I read at night. Again I struggle with the early mornings. I saw so much spiritual growth last year, and I am determined to make it grow even more.

7} Read at least 10 books this year. While we finally did get Internet last year, I would love to read more. There is just something about holding a book while sitting in your cozy bed reading. Plus it helps make you tired and fall asleep faster.

8} Be more organized. I sure do love to be organized. But there are moments where I lapse and just leave things lying around instead of putting them back where they go. I need to take the time to put it back correctly. Also I need to be organized at work. I am in charge of the supply cabinets. There are seven of them and when I got here, there were supplies, everywhere. I might have gasped out loud when I opened a couple. I would love to get those organized and then I can take an inventory of what we have so I can order efficiently.

9} Send snail mail. I don't know about you, but I love getting mail. But not bills and stuff. I was overwhelmed at Christmas by the amount of cards we received. It's like opening little pieces of joy. I'd love to send to my friends, nieces, nephews, parents, aunts, etc. If I can brighten someone's day by sending them something, then I feel like I am spreading them some of the happiness I felt.

10} Post more things about our farm. I mean my blog is called "The Farm Life" right? It would only be right if I showed you how things went from day-to-day around here. The winter time isn't much fun because it's cold and less goes on. But just wait until springtime! I'm hoping to churn out posts left and right.

11} Continue with my curly hair journey. Right now I feel like I'm not getting anywhere with it. But I think I know why. You'll have to stay tuned for that one. I am having some product issues, so I am looking for a better combination that doesn't leave my hair oily and flat. I started September 2017, so I can't wait to see if my hair has changed in one year.

12} Grow in my responsibilities as a wife. Now that I have a year under my belt, it is time for me to crack down and understand what my roles are. Am I always this glamorous looking wife with supper on the table when my husband gets home? No. Do I get cranky sometimes? Yes. I am looking to be a better listener, more patient, kind speaking, fun-loving wife. I would like to express gratitude and appreciation towards Trey.

13} Take more pictures. I am terrible at this. I like taking in the moment without having my phone out. I take pictures of everything except Trey & I. Need to work on that a little more.

I'm sure I have more things I would like to do, but that is all I can think of.

What are your goals for this year?

Have a blessed day,

Monday, January 8, 2018

Hello Monday 1/8/18

The first week of the new year is down. How is everyone feeling? It got up to 30 some degrees yesterday, so that was nice to get around freezing temps for once. It has been brutally cold for the past few weeks, so 30s feel great.

I am linking up today with Johannah, Heather, and Lindsay for Hello Monday.


I started off with a glass of chocolate milk. Yum!

Then started on folding laundry that I hadn't got to during the week.

Look all folded!

Now here's my second load.

Trey hung this clock I purchased from Hobby Lobby on Monday. I hadn't gotten around to putting a battery in it until today.

My hands have been super dry so I moisturized while I did some cleaning.

I also worked on our grocery list. I've been challenged to only buy $50 worth each week in order for us to save money. Our local Jay C store's website lets you make a list online, so it really helps to see what you will spend.

Here is my list. If calculated correctly, I'm spending around $46. Fingers crossed!

I also deep conditioned my hair, but no one wants to see a picture of that!
We made dinner and started watching "Gangs of New York." We only made it so far before we went to bed.
We got up and went to early service. We talked about God's faithfulness to us and did a neat exercise as a church on how God had been faithful to us in 2017. I wish I had gotten a picture of it. We all hung our papers up on the wall. He was, and always is faithful!
Then it was off to the grocery store. I had to make a couple of substitutes in our list because they didn't have the items. They were both over the original price, but still made it under $50.

I spent $44.77! I was under my $50 goal. So exciting, plus the $21.24 I saved as well! I can't wait to see how much I can save this year now that I have a budget, and it isn't too hard to stick to.

We ate lunch with my parents, and then went over to their house to lounge and watch football. Since we don't have cable TV, I don't really stay up to date with sports anymore. Turns out, we all took naps anyway. Haha.

We came home, and ate supper, and I did dishes and cleaned up while Trey worked on some expenses from last year.

I got ready for bed, and sat down to read my daily devotional by Beth Moore.

I also read my daily portion of the bible.

And read a couple chapters of Rachel Cruze's book. I've read it once, and loved it. I am rereading to refresh on the budgeting and loving my life part! :)

Happy Monday friends!
Have a blessed day,

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

DIY Febreze

I hope everyone is all rested up and back to your normal routines after the holidays. I know I love having not to work, and sleeping in later than normal. I slept in to almost 8 when I typically get up between 5 and 5:30.

Today I am going to share with you how to make your own Febreze. I have shared how to make homemade laundry detergent and fabric softener. Both are very simple to make. The Febreze recipe is just the same. You only need three ingredients.

Re-use your old bottle.

You will need baking soda and fabric softener. You will use two tablespoons of each. I used a funnel to put them in the bottle.

Then you use hot water to fill up your bottle.

Then shake up the bottle to mix, and you are ready to make your house smell good again.

Simpler than going out and buying more. You have the ingredients already in your house, and with these freezing temps, who wants to get out?

Let me know if you try this out. I'd love to hear feedback.

Have a blessed day,

Monday, January 1, 2018

Word of the Year: 2018

Happy New Year everyone! How is it 2018 already? I have always loved the new year, and writing down things I want to do or accomplish, yet I never quite get there in achieving any of them. Oh well I am human right?

I have seen where people will pick a word of the year that they follow. Whitney from Polka-Dotty Place has done it for years, and every time I ready her posts, I think "oh that is a great idea, I'll try that for next year." Then I never do. Until now.

I have thought about this for a few days now, thinking what I want the year 2018 to be. When I look back in December I want to say: "Yes this year represented what I picked out." I want to carry this word around in everything I do. I want it to carry over into everyone around me.

I will no longer keep you in suspense on what my word is.

Joy: a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.

Who doesn't want to feel great joy every day? Some synonyms for joy include: delight, great pleasure, joyfulness, jubilation, triumph, exultation, rejoicing, happiness, gladness, glee, exhilaration, exuberance, elation, euphoria, bliss, ecstasy, rapture.

It kind of makes you want to do this every day:

If anyone knows me I love to randomly dance. In the kitchen, living room, and especially in the car if a good jam comes on. But when you are happy, you dance right? You are in a joyful mood. I want my year to have those silly improve dance sessions. I want happy moments. I want reasons to celebrate.

When I was a Sunday school teacher I had a sign that said JOY: Jesus First, Others Second, You Last. That is something I would like to focus on as well for this year. We get to experience true joy when we put Jesus above everything else. With my new Bible I received last year, it has a daily reading. I kept up with most of it throughout the year. I'd love to truly read each day on the day. I bought a new devotional to go along with.

I have some goals for the year, but I haven't finalized that yet. I figured I would keep that as a separate post.

It may not be your word of the year, but I wish you joy for the year. May God bring you blessings abundantly.

Have a blessed day,