Friday, May 3, 2019

Friday Favorites April 29-May 3

Hey everyone. Happy Friday! Who doesn't love the weekend? I'm ready for it that's for sure.

Today I am linking up with the ladies for Friday Favorites and for High 5 on Friday. All you need to do is talk about your favorites. I try to recap our week in 5 events, when I do these posts. I've been slacking a lot---3rd trimester is no joke. I think I'm more tired now than ever in the 1st.

1. Appointment Central

I had three appointments scheduled for this week. Chiropractor, eye, and baby. So there has been lots of running around. The chiropractor was much needed, but I shortly ruined that when I mowed when I got home. I had some more muscles in my shoulders and back when I got done. Nothing a good night's sleep couldn't fix. We finally had a window of sunny weather so I could mow. Our grass grows rapidly, so trying to keep up during rainy weather is a chore.

20 weeks.

31 weeks.

2. Nephew #1 Birthday

My oldest nephew turned 15 on Monday. I don't know how that happened. I always try to post old photos, only because I still think of him at that age. He'll be driving next year. I was 16 when he was born, so I'm really starting to feel old.

3. Curly Hair Win

As some of you know, I'm constantly trying to improve my curly hair. Over the weekend I tried out a hair style where I loosely curled with a flat iron and it did not work out. It did not stay in my hair at all. Funny how that works. I have all the curl in the world, yet styling like that wouldn't hold. After I mowed I reverted back to old faithful, and had some really great curls. I love how they bounced back after all of the "damage" I did. I did use heat protectant and used the lowest setting that I could for my thick hair. Tuesday morning I didn't have to do much to it. I just refreshed slightly. Now if only I could just tell myself it's so much easier to style it curly. Stick with what works!

4. Scandal-ous

So for those of you who don't know, we don't have satellite. We didn't even have Internet for the first 8 months we were married. It was actually kinda nice. Anyway, we do have Internet and decided to go with Netflix. So many choices! I've watched old shows, documentaries, Netflix originals, etc. The other night I started "Scandal." Wow it's really good so far. I just started season 2. Trey has been watching "Dexter" and while I've missed some episodes, that is good as well.

Image result for scandal

5. Baby Prep

With 8.5 I finally ordered the crib and sheets yesterday. We still need to pick out a paint color, but we've narrowed it down. Lots to do still, but I know we can get it all done. I'm going to Hobby Lobby to pick up some decor. I can't wait until his room is finished!

Have a great weekend y'all! 

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Farm Happenings April 2019

It's time for.....

It's the first of this year....slacking once again. :)

The weather is finally starting to cooperate and warm up. We still have gotten our rainy days, and things are still pretty muddy.

We've had a few calves born.

We ran out of hay and moved them over to the pasture April 22. They were pretty happy to be munching on the grass.

View out the kitchen window.

Bedroom window. The sky was so pretty!

We penned our bull up. He was not happy and destroyed what was left of the feeder. We had a cow knock part of it over, and he finished the job.

We built a shed on our new property!

Things are starting to ramp up around here. It's almost time to cut wheat for our winter supply. The fun marathon that lasts into the wee hours of the morning. If it would stop raining that is!

Yeah this post is lacking with content. Hopefully I can keep better tabs in May. Thanks for reading!

Monday, April 15, 2019

Life Update

Life is just flying by. I love that I have so much going on, but there are days I just want to pause and rest. Especially with this baby bump. Nothing wears you out faster than that. It is one thing I am learning to do is pace myself. I want to get all the things done, but my body just wears out faster.

I don't remember where I left off. But I'm doing a recap to catch up.

T-man had a birthday on March 18.

I made these cute St. Patricks Day jars: the weekend of St. Patricks Day. I'm all ready for next year! :)

Jeffrey recreated a picture from 4 years ago.

This heifer really needed some hay. Haha

I went to my first Mary Kay Career Conference in Louisville and it was a blast! I took so many notes from amazing directors. We had front row seats; my director had the #1 sales unit there.

My sales director. :) 

I cut my hair. Getting ready for days when I won't have time to do so.

I had my glucose test and 3D/4D ultrasound at 27 weeks. Passed the glucose test, but my iron is low. Have to take medicine for that. My iron has always been low though.

Check out this cute face.

I'm pretty flexible already mom! 

Watched my nephew Braeden run in track. When did this little guy grow up?

Also, I launched a goal for my business. I am trying to do 100 faces by the end of June. It's a great deadline because that's right before my due date. I am providing a hand treatment, facial, color look, foundation match FOR FREE for my friends, family, etc. It is a great opportunity to try some great products if you're not sure. Try to find you a local MK lady. I promise you won't regret it!

I'd share what I did this weekend, but I didn't do anything. I made it a mission to rest and stay home. And it was great. I slept in, hardly went anywhere, and although I feel bad for not getting much done, it was worth it.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Hey It's OK

Ever had these little thoughts pop up in your brain, but never write them down or whatever. But they stay with you.

Welcome to the brain of me. The one that's currently always thinking, forgetting, and calculating when the next time is okay to eat again. #preggoprobs :)

Hey it's ok....

-that I don't get to work at 6 like I used to. Getting a little more sleep is more valuable to you right now.

-that my hair isn't always the best looking. Curly hair is unpredictable and you're learning.

-that I don't get the dishes washed every night.

-that I'm putting away more and more of my clothes that don't fit. I might not like it, but it's a good sign little mister is growing.

-that we don't live in the biggest, fanciest house with new furniture/appliances. We're blessed with what we have, and we make good use out of it. I've learned that you need to be content with what you have. Wants vs. needs has been a struggle, but I think I'm getting better.

-did I mention I don't always have my house clean, laundry put away, etc? Now that it's getting warmer out, I spend more time outside. I love looking at my cows, walking around, soaking up the sun (but not too much, wear sunscreen!). Farm life gets hectic some days, and those things can wait. I'm enjoying the little moments, which I cannot wait to share with this little one.

-that I'm not putting my college degree to use. I have a wonderful job with a great company, good benefits, decent hours. I'm lucky to have a job and there are days I don't want to be there, but I know with every paycheck it's one step closer to paying off the truck or a little extra towards our loans.

-that I haven't been over to see our farm since last fall. Well, not really it's not that far. I'll go when it's green or when I need to run something over. Number 1 parts/food/equipment mover right here. :)

-that we have a name picked out, but we're not telling. Sorry you'll have to wait! :)

Here's a little gem from 3 years ago today!