Monday, January 7, 2019

Word of the Year: 2019

Happy 2019 everyone! I love starting off fresh don't you? There is something about getting a chance to start new things just makes me feel inspired. Of course, you can do this at any time, but it is more prevelant at the start of the year.

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Last year I chose my first word of the year. I know several people who do this, and it's always fun to see who picks what word for them.

In 2018, I chose Joy.

This year I am choosing:


I feel like this would be a great word for anyone. And this year, I am ready to challenge myself to do so.

GROW Spiritually. There is always room to grow with the Lord. This is one where growth should never stop. There are many ways such as reading my bible more, reading my devotional, being present at church, volunteering, fellowship, etc.

GROW Mentally. I've always heard to never stop learning. Keep your brain engaged in something. Learn to bake a new treat, finish that Soduku book you've had for years, make up a fun dance, learn new skills at work, make a craft. The possibilities are endless this year.

GROW a Plant. We have a spot along a shed that would be perfect for sunflowers. Maybe tend to my flowers more often this spring and summer and mums in the fall. Put down some mulch around the porch to make mowing easier.

GROW in my Mary Kay Business. I have a lot of wonderul ladies on a team I am on. Take notes and their knowledge and get out there to meet the needs of my customers.

GROW in saving money. Find new ways to save, buy at thrift stores, sell items. Coupon more at the grocery store.

GROW in my relationships. Be a better wife, daughter, sister, friend, aunt. Make some memories.

And one last area for 2019:

GROW a Human. I am happy to announce that this is already in progress. We are expecting a baby in July.

Happy 2019!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

2018 Word of the Year Recap

Wow. 2018 is almost over. My year of JOY has come and went. It seems like yesterday I was picking it out. I definitely had many moments of joy this year. Yes, I had times of sorrow as well, but in those moments, choosing joy was something I tried to do. Was it hard? Oh absolutely. Trying to be joyful at all times isn't easy. Especially since things didn't turn out like I wanted them to.

I kept up with my curly hair journey. Remember when I cut my hair in February? It turned out so much better!! When summer came around I was seeing more curl.

I read more books this year than I probably had ever in my life.

We bought a farm! We are getting closer to having a forever home. We got started cleaning it up this year to make it more suitable for us. I can't wait to see how it continues to blossom next year.

My blog turned 1 in May! I know it is hard to keep up with some days, but I have felt I have done somewhat better this year sharing in our journey.

Our farm has grown with both spring and fall calving. We have been fortunate in that we have had no complications at birth. The farm has provided for us with lots of beef for us and our families.

I was blessed with another niece this year. She's as cute as a button and I'm doing my best to spoil her as any aunt would!

We got a weekend getaway in July. It was wonderful to get away, just for a little bit to recharge.

I was blessed with another birthday.

I decluttered parts of our house, and donated what was still good.

I know there were many more moments of joy. I definitely have been blessed beyond what I deserve.

2018 was definitely a year of joy.

Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 Goals Recap

I am just in awe that I'm sitting here typing this. 2018 has come and gone. Pretty much in a flash. Time is just escaping like no other.

Anyway, at the beginning of the year I posted my goals for this year. Here is a recap of my results:

1} Save as much money as we can. 
I can't give an exact number on this, but each month we tried to throw money into our savings account. We have two loans that we have to pay off each year, so we tried to get as best of a start as we could.

2} Stick to my weekly cleaning schedule.
Once I wrote down my schedule and posted it on the fridge, I felt like I did a better job as sticking to it. It was a good reminder of accountability of what I needed to get done each night. I also started doing at least one load of laundry on top of this so it wouldn't pile up on the weekend.

3} Get rid of stuff we do not need
In September I started a decluttering challenge. I made it over halfway. But it helped me go through items that were just sitting around that we didn't need. I plan to continue this over 2019. 

4} Exercise more.
Let's just write big fat fail here. 

5} Drink water.
I did pretty well with this one. I fill up my water at work in the mornings and drink throughout the day. Occasionally I will have a pop or drink coffee. I'm trying to limit it to one if I do.

6} Read my bible every day.
I haven't read every single day, but when I miss a day, I do catch up. So kinda met this?

7} Read at least 10 books this year
I think I read 6. Not bad for me. End of summer/fall slowed my momentum down. 

8} Be more organized
Again, perhaps I somewhat met this. I had my days of being super organized and others not so much. 

9} Send snail mail.
I maybe sent one. Fail. 

10} Post more things about our farm
I started the year out well, but it tailed off just like my reading. 

11} Continue with my curly hair journey
Win. Have my results been the best? No. Have I limited using my flat iron or curling iron? Yes. 

12} Grow in my responsibilities as a wife. 
Sure? I think this one will always be a work in progress. 

13} Take more pictures
I want to say I did a better job at this. I still need some work. 

Farm Happenings: December 2018

Yikes I haven't done one of these updates since July. Definitely a lot has gone on since then!

We went through fall calving, fall harvest, building a lean-to shelter for the winter, etc!

This spring we seperated our heifers and steers from their mamas. When the weather was good, we moved everyone to the pasture. The heifers had their own little area, as did the steers. They get fed grain as well as munching on the yummy pasture grass. The grain helps them grow. Most of our cows are still very timid around us. I didn't like that. I wanted them to feel comfortable around us, since they will be part of our farm for a long time.

So I started feeding the heifers their grain in the evening. I wanted them to get used to me. I also really wanted to start petting them. It didn't go so well at first. A lot of them would run away from the feeder or to the other side. I felt like my efforts were going no where. A couple did start warming up to me. I would only get to pet them if they were distracted with eating. I call that a win.

I am in a group on Facebook for cattle owners. I asked for any ideas on how to make them less shy and more approachable. I got a lot of feedback on feeding them range cubes, or cake as it is sometimes called. I wish it looked like cake. It honesly looks more like poop turds. Haha but it is a good source of protein. I would put some in a bucket and carry it out before they got their feed.

At first they were like "what is that? I want my feed!" I tried getting them to take it from my hands but they all ran away. So I would just put it in their feeder so they would try it and get used to it. After doing this for a few days I would shake my bucket and then walk around the pasture to see if they would follow me. They did from a distance, but would stand around the feeder. I could imagine what their thought bubbles said: "Uh hey the feeder is right here. Where are you going?"

I kept this up, and still would offer them from my hand. Some would lick, but wouldn't take. I finally broke through when one took it from my hand! I felt like I had a victory on my hands! I was so estatic. I was making progress. She would follow me if I walked around the pasture. I would still have to pour out the rest for the others in the feeder, but they knew what was going on.

Eventutally I got another heifer to eat from my hands. These two became mad if I offered to anyone else. Just tryin to share the love girls.

I did stop, but I wish I had kept it up. Hopefully in the spring, they will remember, and I'll have some more heifers to start on.

In September, our fall calving started. We have had 18 calves born, and still waiting for one more to give birth. We have had no complications thus far. One of our heifers didn't take to her calf at first, so we had to pen her up, get her in the chute so her calf could eat. She got to hang out with us one evening while the guys were AIing cows.

This fall we poured two concrete pads. They are a nice surface level that are easy to clean, especially when it gets muddy out. One is for our winter feeding spot. With the help of my father-in-law and a brother-in-law, they built a lean-to shelter area. No more getting the feeder stuck in a mud puddle!

It has definitely been one busy year for us! Stay tuned for all the 2019 Happenings.